Height: 4ft 11

Skate Style: Quad & Inline Roller Dance, Jam Skating, Freestyle Slalom, Free Style skating & Contemporary

Dance Styles: Urban, Street Dance, Salsa, Contemporary, Reggeaton & Freestyle.

Disciplines: Solo, Couples Groups and choreographed skating

Qualifications: Professional Skater & Dancer, Choreographer, Skate Dance, Technique and Fitness Instructor 

Zaira is reneging double International Roller Dance champion and is a professional skater on Inlines and Quad skates.  Sponsored by Rookie Skates, FR Skates, Luminous Wheels and also other various brands, Zaira is not new to performing and consistently delivering high standards.  With her extensive dance and skating background Zaira consistently dazzles crowds and clients.

Past clients include: Warner Bros, Live Nation, Extraice Dubia & India, Elrow, Germany & Spain Got Talent, Harley Quinn and many more…

Showreel – Zaira